adio, 2016
Roof of the car park at Central Market - Varvakios Agora, Athens (GR)
cardboard, Gouache, 12:00 - 13:00 Uhr
700 cm x 160 cm

Temporary intervention in public space in Athens.

Corrugated sheets painted with primary colors were integrated into the found architecture. The result is a targeted coloring of a wall by the reflection of the color applied to the cardboard.

The coloring as well as the geometrical motif was based on the found scenery. Since this work depends on the sun and its position, this resulted in a short period of time from about 12 - 13 o'clock, in which this state was visible.


Side view left, close

Side view right, close

The work was on the roof of the car park at the Central Market - Varvakios Agora between Omonia and Monasteraki.

Koordinaten: 37.980555N, 23.726611E